The Mutant Season
Artist/TV host Justin Bua talks to Gil about LA street art, his TV show Street Art Throwdown and more!
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Ashley Esqueda chats with Gil about her job as co-host of Tomorrow Daily on CNET, how she got into tech reporting and her favorite video games!
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Nicole Campos, Partner and Promotions Manager at Loot Crate, chats with Gil about her job at Loot Crate, how they choose what is in each box and she brings Gil a couple boxes to open up!
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Matt Gourley talks to Gil about his podcasts James Bonding, Superego and what it's like to be the spokesman for Volkswagon. They also talk about the many James Bond movies and do Bane impressions!
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Podcast producer at Nerdist, Aristotle Acevedo, chats with Gil about how he started producing podcasts, working at Meltdown and their favorite movies of last year!
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Cole Stratton hangs out with Gil to talk about being a founder of SF Sketchfest, hosting the Pop My Culture podcast here on Nerdist and more!
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Artist Dana Lechtenberg chats with Gil about how he became an artist, where he gets inspiration and doing art for Nerdist podcasts!
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Kyle Hill returns to talk more science fun! He talks about his new position as Science Editor at, his video show Because Science and what's happened in the world of science recently!
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Actor Marc Evan Jackson hangs out with Gil to talk about all the shows Marc has acted in, doing the voice of Sparks Nevada in The Thrilling Adventure Hour and the importance of learning improv. They also talk about their mutual fascination with space!
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Realtor Daniel Carson tells Gil what it has been like being a realtor in Los Angeles for over 20 years, some of the weirdest houses he has sold and how buying and selling a house works!

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