The Mutant Season
The crew from Beyond Fest is back to talk about the festival and movies!
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Actor and voice actor Eric Edelstein talks to Gil about being the voice of Grizz on We Bare Bears, getting eaten by a dinosaur in Jurassic World and more!
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Ethan Eyler from Lyft chats with Gil about how Lyft was founded, what he does for the company and the history of the pink mustache!
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Muralist Eyeone chats with Gil about how he became an artist, that inspires his work and more!
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The director, producer and one of the stars of Astro Boy & the God of Comics chat with Gil about what a multimedia play is, how they all met and where people can see the show!
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Writer and producer on Bob's Burgers Jon Schroeder chats with Gil about how the show came to be, what goes into writing an episode and how much improv they do on the show!
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Actor Oscar Dietz hangs out with Gil to talk about being from Denmark, how he got into acting and getting the role of Antboy!
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Comedian and writer Sean O'Connor talks with Gil about how he became a writer on The Late Late Show, how they come up with ideas for bits and sketches on the show and their love of spoilers!
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Kyle Clark hangs out with Gil to talk about hosting the NerdMelt open mic and Simpsons trivia show, what cartoons they love and Kyle asks Gil a few questions about kids today!
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Eddie Cordova, who works at the pop up shop Phat Collectibles within Meltdown Comics, chats with Gil about what Phat Collectibles does, organizing nerdy events and playing video games!
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