The Mutant Season
Sean Bonner sits down with Gil to about what Safecast does, how to measure radiation and Japan!
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Gil chats with fellow Nerdist network podcaster Alexi Wasser about her podcast Love, Alexi, how she came up with the idea for her show and more!
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Gil talks to Adam Popescu about why he wanted to be a writer, people he has interviewed and how kids today are too addicted to their cell phones!
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Gil talks to artist Randy Martinez about how he became an artist, doing Star Wars and comic book art and more!
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Bianca Moran talks about her company Susi, what a sustainable shoe is, being vegan and much more!
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Gil and Derrick VanDerMillen talk about working at Meltdown, "knowing" Green Lantern and Star Wars!
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Artist and VP of Creative at Cartoon Network, Rick Blanco, chats with Gil about working as an artist under the name Dienzo, how he got into art and what he does at Cartoon Network!
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Managing Partner of TripleClix, Chris Erb, talks to Gil about his past jobs at EA, Legendary and what his company TripleClix does!
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Gil takes Mutant Season on the road to special effects artist Tony Gardner's studio to talk all things special effects and his work on the upcoming Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse!
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