The Mutant Season

Actor, improvist and the head of the Nerdist School Ptolemy Slocum talks to Gil about his current projects, what the Nerdist school does and more!

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Nerdist family member Jessica Chobot hangs out with Gil on The Mutant Season! She talks about how she became the host of Nerdist News, her podcast Bizarre States, they exchange some scary stories and talk about what's new in video games!

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Christian Parkes and Grant Moninger of Beyond Fest (and Humans From Earth podcast) return to the show to talk to Gil on what they've all been up to and what they have planned for this year's Beyond Fest!

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It's a very special episode of The Mutant Season! Live from SDCC 2014, it's the Nerdist Podcast Super Panel with Matt Mira, Jonah Ray, Janet Varney, Cole Stratton, Gil Letelier, Ben Blacker, Ben Acker, Sandra Daughtery and Dave Ross!

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Gil takes questions for YOU, the listeners! Gil answers questions about the podcast, superheroes and what life is all about!
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Independent artist and production coordinator at Disney Animation hangs out with Gil to talk about what a production coordinator is and how he comes up ideas for his drawings!
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Gil is back from his trip to Japan! He talks about everything he did, saw and ate!
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Comedian and fellow podcaster Matt Braunger hangs out with Gil to talk about how he comes up with jokes, how Matt got into comedy and their mutual hatred of movie magic!
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Movie critic Devin Faraci and Gil talk about what movies they are looking forward to this summer, they get deep about the new Planet of the Apes movie and they discuss how Devin started writing about movies!
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Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani return to The Mutant Season to talk about their new Comedy Central TV show, The Meltdown!
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