The Mutant Season
Artist Dana Lechtenberg chats with Gil about how he became an artist, where he gets inspiration and doing art for Nerdist podcasts!
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Kyle Hill returns to talk more science fun! He talks about his new position as Science Editor at, his video show Because Science and what's happened in the world of science recently!
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Actor Marc Evan Jackson hangs out with Gil to talk about all the shows Marc has acted in, doing the voice of Sparks Nevada in The Thrilling Adventure Hour and the importance of learning improv. They also talk about their mutual fascination with space!
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Realtor Daniel Carson tells Gil what it has been like being a realtor in Los Angeles for over 20 years, some of the weirdest houses he has sold and how buying and selling a house works!

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Wrestler Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and executive producer Eric Van Wagenen sit down with Gil to talk about their new tv show Lucha Underground, how Chavo got into wrestlingand creating the complex set to film on!

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Actor Jacob Hopkins hangs out with Gil to talk about being the voice of Gumball in Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball, how he got into acting and what he thinks of the world in The Amazing World of Gumball!

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Director Nacho Vigalondo, along with friend Spencer Hickman sit down with Gil to talk everything movies!

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A couple of the voices from The Regular Show, Sam Marin (voice of Pops, Benson and Muscle Man) and Bill Salyers (voice of Rigby) hang out with Gil to talk about what led them to voice acting, how the think of the voices for their characters and more!

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Actor, improvist and the head of the Nerdist School Ptolemy Slocum talks to Gil about his current projects, what the Nerdist school does and more!

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Nerdist family member Jessica Chobot hangs out with Gil on The Mutant Season! She talks about how she became the host of Nerdist News, her podcast Bizarre States, they exchange some scary stories and talk about what's new in video games!

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