The Mutant Season
Gil is joined by the incredible Claire Schwartz to talk about her work with JPL and more!
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Gil is joined by returning guest Dave Kloc!
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Gil is joined by Jamie Iovine (DJ, Wrestling Sheet Radio, CRO of Meltdown Comics)!
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Gil is joined by Caitlin Durante to talk about comedy, being program director of NerdMelt and The Bechdel Cast!
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Gil is joined by Nolan Fabricius! Nolan is an illustrator, animator, video game lover and manager of the NerdMelt Theater! Follow @ShiftlessHobo on Twitter!
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Gil chats with Daniel Barron (Yay! LA) about games, art and talking to people in LA!
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Gil talks Raptors, Wrestling and Roasts with Eddie Furth! Follow @EddieFurth, @HistoricalRoast and @FictionalRoast on Twitter!
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Sam Spina joins Gil to talk about story boarding on Regular Show, comic books and his Nickelodeon short Hole!
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Beau Ryan, Chloe May and Lan Bui join Gil to talk about MineChest (Minecraft subscription box), call of duty and Gil plays MineCraft VR!
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Tara Tiger Brown chats with Gil about Minecraft, LA Makerspace and being vegan!
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